Expert Commercial Realtor

Why Me?

Why should I hire you to represent me as a property buyer or seller?

I have a master's degree in civil engineering and have more than 20 years of experience in design, construction, and sales. Being a specialist in the field of commercial real estate transactions, I strongly believe to be your best advisor in the field of commercial real estate.
Considering my field of study and background in design, construction and sales, I can provide you with the best assistance and support in terms of residential real estate.

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A real estate agent maintains expertise with working with real estate transactions through continuing education and working with clients on a day-to-day basis. An experienced agent knows what to say and what do to get things in order. As an expert at selling and buying homes they know how to maneuver around negotiations to get their client to the closing finish line. This is where I believe my expertise comes in handy to provide the best advise for my clients.

Marketing Skill
p>Marketing is one of the critical aspects of selling a home and the post it online and pray technique or put a sign in the yard and pray technique is not a strategy the successful real estate agent relies on. Agents need to be coordinating photographs and videos of the property as well as working on making sure the marketing remarks further draw buyers into the home so that they want to visit in person. Homes need a great marketing strategy to help them get sold and the expert listing agent is there to help with that. Thanks to my experience in sales and marketing, I will be able to support my valuable clients.

Ability To Negotiate/Help with Getting The Best Deals

In real estate there is quite a bit of negotiating involved. From the very start of the offer process the home buyer and home seller are negotiating over the price and time frames for inspecting and buying a home. By having an experienced real estate agent like me in the process the buyers and sellers can rest assured their best interests are being represented. I am fully aware about the time frames involved and know about the pricing strategies for selling a home, which makes me an ideal assistance when it comes to get the best possible deal.

Some of My Lovely Clients' Opinion About Me

  • "Reza is an expert in his field. He is very honest, hard-working, and a great negotiator. And to me, that counts as a very good realtor. He went above and beyond to help out with my inquiries and to me, he is more than just an agent. He has become my good friend and I am glad to get to know him throughout my journey to buy my dream house. I would definitely recommend working with him and I am very sure that I will be working with him again in the future as well." Regards, Ben
    Ben Sh
  • "Buying and finding a property at the top of the market is not an easy task.. Reza is very professional as well as personal…...
    My stresses were high as (all) my criteria needed to be met. Reza is not only a fantastic realtor, he is an excellent support system.....
    ANYTIME there was a property I wanted to see Reza moved fast as properties were flying off the market. He negotiated and helped me to obtain the property of my dreams, working hard to make sure things on deal like prices and dates were fair. Reza is amazing and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a property such as residential, commercial and industrial , you won’t regret it."
    Fred H
  • "Reza was a pleasure to work with! I was moving from Montreal to Toronto and had no knowledge of the area, but with his help, I could find a place to call home.  He went as far as viewing apartments for me and video calling me. He took care of all the details without my presence in the town, and I moved to my place with zero complications. Top-notch customer service! Would definitely work with him in the future! "
    Warm regards
    Dr. Zare
  • "My experience with Reza is truly unforgettable. If what you desperately want is your real estate needs to be met then I strongly recommend you to have him work for you. Especially, the expertise of Reza will make that happen from the beginning to the end. He helped me find a perfect warehouse for my renovation business and I couldn’t be happier with his due diligence and patience." Fraidoon Roshan
    Fraidoon Roshan
  • Great business to meet you in Toronto. Hoang